Monthly Archives: January 2011

Why did I wait so long? Blogging should be a mandatory module in antenatal classes!

Why did I wait so long? I have missed 9 months of sharing all of Jett’s firsts and capturing milestones that Jett may someday want to look back on (sure I have a memory box for him) but this seems so much more streamlined… I have learnt so much in preparing for his arrival and a ton more after his arrival and I am sure the learning will never end!

Over the next few days, I will try my best to capture the highlights and I hope I can figure my way around the backend of my blog soon…. So many awesome blogs to share and I would love to work out how to link them to my blog….

Until then x


My very first blog post ever! Am I up for the challenge?

Wow… The pressure of my very first post! Where do I start? It may sound a little corny, but my 9 month old baby boy, the light of my life has inspired me to get this thing going…. From an amazing pregnancy to an empowering gentle water birth… My son has inspired me to think outside the box, to question the “norm” and to be proactive in co-creating our existence… The wealth of information that is available can be a little overwhelming so I have decided to start this blog in an attempt to streamline “little gems” I come across…. Before Jett, i had never read a blog in my life, but lately, I can’t seem to read enough…. So really… Still very new to this experience but I am sure it will be a fun ride…. Still trying to find my feet as I’m quite technically challenged…

It appears as though my first post needs to be cut short…. Time for a dream nurse…

Night-night x