Conscious, Intimate, Spontaneous & Magical: A Birth Vision for Jett

In an attempt to catch up on the last nine (almost ten) months where else to start but at the beginning…. This was the birth vision I wrote in preparation for the big day…. I think our actual birth plan is a bit too technical & boring to post (wE had about four different plans just to make sure we were covered in any conceivable eventuality… but I may just post Jett’s Birth Story that I wrote after he was born…. may post my actually birth plan (we had about six) a little later….

We vision the birth of our first child to be a conscious, gentle, spiritual, intimate, spontaneous and magical experience.

Our vision is to welcome our baby into this world while in a birthing pool at home. We vision being at home as our home is quiet, personal and secure. We are also in control of our surroundings and the procedures which are followed. We vision using a birthing pool as water during labour has been shown to relieve stress and tension to both mother and child. Birthing in water will also be kinder on Taiya’s perineum, allowing it to gently stretch as gravity has less influence on the speed of birth.

In preparing for the birth of our child, Taiya has been visualising the optimal foetal position, with our baby lying on his left hand side, chin on chest and hands touching toes in utero to assist with a gentler labour and optimal presentation of baby at birth. Taiya has also been assisting our baby to move into this position by getting onto her hands and knees. Taiya has been visiting an osteopath on a regular basis to ensure her pelvis is aligned and prepared to give birth.

We have been practising supported squats so that we are prepared to use this position during birth as squatting can open the pelvis by a further 28 percent enabling an easier birth.

We have been doing perineal massage so as to prepare Taiya’s perineum for stretching at birth, to avoid tearing, eliminate the need for an episiotomy and for the general well-being of Taiya’s perineum.

Taiya has been exercising during pregnancy so as to retain her strength and general wellbeing for the birth and after.

Throughout the pregnancy, Taiya has been on a healthy and nutritious diet so as to avoid infection leading to early water breaking and to avoid anaemia. Despite what is commonly accepted, Taiya’s iron levels have increased during pregnancy to higher levels than before pregnancy! From 36 weeks of pregnancy, we will be on a Raw Food/Living Food diet in order for us to reduce the duration of postnatal bleeding, increase energy levels, encourage a general sense of wellbeing and eliminate the need for an enema during labour and speed up healing after the birth. At the first sign of labour, Taiya will carbo load so that she has additional energy to work with the labour and birth of our child and so that Taiya avoids hypoglycaemia.

In preparing for the birth, as a couple, we have cleared our emotional baggage and insecurities and dedicated ourselves to improving our communication  and therefore believe, we are ready and eager to welcome our baby physically into our family as we believe that he has been with us in spirit and energetically for sometime already. Taiya has been practising yoga and meditation, with the aim to remain centred and focused during the labour and to be able to surrender herself to the power of creation.

We vision having music playing in the background during the birthing process as different music enhances different moods. We intend to have four different categories of music namely upbeat, happy music, to increase Taiya’s endorphin levels, relaxing music, music for courage during the transition phase of labour and music to welcome our baby into this world once our baby has entered this world.

We will have a birthing alter prepared, where candles from our friends will be lit, to remind us of all the people who are wishing us well during the birth and to welcome our baby as he is birthed. Our alter will have pictures displayed of moments were Taiya has required courage to overcome fears and where all these moments have been overcome successfully. Our alter will also display various positive affirmations for Taiya to read and recite.

We will use aromas to set the mood during labour as certain aromas have been proven to enhance certain emotions. We will have aromatherapy rose candles burning in the bathrooms as this aroma calms tension and the mind and relieves stress. We will have ylang-ylang aromatherapy candles burning in the birthing room to encourage the release of ocytocin and relaxes nerves. We will have fresh flowers all around the room.

When we suspect that labour has begun, we will light rose candles and Taiya will climb into a warm bath if her contractions have not subsided but instead, continue to become more regular, Toby will call Andrea, our Doula to come over to our home. Taiya will get out of the bath and Taiya will begin to bake our baby’s first cake between contractions. Taiya will move during contractions with her body’s natural, progressing rhythm. Toby will play our selected music and will start filling up the birthing pool. The candles in the birthing room will be lit.

Andrea will call Sharon, our midwife when she feels the time is right and that Taiya’s contractions are progressing nicely.

Once Sharon arrives, Taiya will climb into the birthing pool and Taiya will continue to labour in the pool.

On the birth of our baby, we would like both the time of when our baby fully emerged into this world recorded as well as the time the umbilical cord was cut. We vision the umbilical cord being cut only when it has stopped pulsating.

Once our baby has been born, we would like say a few special words to him and have our welcoming music playing in the background.


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