Conscious Birth, Johannesburg – Connecting with Your Inner Goddess

One of my motivations of starting a blog was to share with my friends and family all that I come across relating to goddess empowerment, natural/attachment parenting awesome products and great services to name a few… In my attempt to catch up on awesome services I have had the privilege of experiencing over the last 9 months, every few days I will do my best on posting a product or service provider that I have enjoyed using…

Below are a few testimonals that I have sent to Theoni of Conscious Birth.

Postnatal massage with the Theoni of Conscious Birth is the most wonderful way to thank your body gently for working so tirelessly during the labour of birth – a beautiful way to ground yourself.

Pregnancy yoga with Theoni provided the perfect place to go inward and connect with my unborn child. Yoga also played a big role in preparing both my mind and body for a magical birth experience!

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Theoni. Running around with a new baby, I seldom get a chance to connect with my body and that is exactly what the workshop afforded me to do. I could do a workshop every week!

Now that I no longer have a belly it really is beautiful being reminded of the beauty of pregnancy. Every day when I walk past my unique, never to be repeated work of art handing on my wall  I look forward to the day that I can let my boy know that my belly mask was moulded around his body in my belly.


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