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Jett & Mikal just chilling with Jog



Jett’s graduation from Clamber Club Froggie Course to Leap Frog



Jett having a blast in the castle


Two months later & I’m STILL a lazy blogger! (a recap of love & passion)

It’s been two months since my last post and I just cannot believe how fast time flies. In this time I have had the privilege of witnessing Jett’s first boy crush (which really was the sweetest thing). A pregnant friend came over to our house for a cuppa and when Jett’s gaze met hers, he hardly knew what to do. For a moment it seemed as though time stood still for Jett as his eyes widened and his jaw literally dropped. I think as he noticed this new, uncontrollable feeling inside of him he ran as quickly as his two little feet could take him out of the room, with his eyes slowly peeking out from around the corner. Just as nimble as his first flight, he appeared from behind the couch, this time a little braver with more than just his eyes peering over but the sweetest little smile and rosey, blushing cheeks too. This went on for the entire time my friend was over – really the sweetest thing to witness, enough to make any bad day feel rosey.

In this time I have also had the privilege to be there for my boy in his most vulnerable moment of his first full blown “tantrum” or meltdown and I am proud to say that although very hard for me, I was present with him the entire time and what I had read in many places before this happened proved to be entirely accurate – Jett felt heard, relieved, calm and happy – without a harsh word spoken from me, without dimenshing his very real frustrations. I was able to be really present for my boy and although a “tantrum” is a very rare occurance, when they do happen, it is easier and easier for me to stay grounded. For a link to a really great article that explains the method behind my madness check this out Cry for Connection: A Fresh Approach to tantrums and the whole of Aha!