You’re Loosing Me Aletha

I’ve recently read Tears & Tantrums and now just about done with The Aware Baby…. I disagree with the non-nutritive nursing (as evidence points to its benefits – and thought I would just read on through anyways assuming Solter is not aware with the new evidence or the biological aspects of milk production). I really have enjoyed the books as a whole but battling with a comment here and there. For example: “I do not recommend tickling because it is a form of attack that can cause babies to feel powerless. Some babies seem to enjoy being tickled, but only because it is the only form of touching they have ever experienced, aside from routine care. ” Now I agree that not all babies like to be tickled and tickling can be taken too far but Jett absolutely LOVES it….. He will seek me out saying tickle or will try and tickle me. Jett had a gentle birth, latched within the first hour, was not seperated from me (still hardly ever is at 22 months), he has never been in a cot, was and still is worn, (I can count how many times he has been in a pram and that’s only because he was sleeping when we reached our destination)….. Still receives daily baby massages… Loads of kisses and cuddles. He is a happy, confident, independant soul and he is living testimony to the benefits of attached parenting. I take umbrage to Aletha’s comments. Oh…. And throwing babies into the air means you are acting out your desires to control and dominate them…… Mmmm….. Kinda feels like she’s loosing me here :-/


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