SOS for Juan du Plessis

This poor mamma is out of pocket for far more than R20000 – the R20000 was just the deposit to reserve the doctors appointment in Rotterdam…. They have paid for tickets, ventilator, accommodation and train tickets and air France will only refund in two weeks – they need to leave South Africa on Tuesday 28 August the latest 😦

As moms we know we would do anything in our power to help our kids…give them the very best. This is exactly what this mom has been trying to do, and when the light at the end of the tunnel was in sight – Air France sent down an avalanche!

Below I have copied a text on this young boy disease, and how his mom does everything in her power to give him the quality of life he deserves, its inspiring. But that’s not what I’m writing about today, my topic isn’t inspirational.

Kelly ( the supermom ) has managed to get hold of people in Europe to do tests on Juan and help him towards a better life. Accommodation is booked, Dr’s and test and scheduled and a whopping R20k has been put on the table towards getting them there. They leave monday evening. Air France happily took their…

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One response to “SOS for Juan du Plessis

  1. An update for you all – Air France have decided to make right and Juan and his mom fly out today – just in time and on Juan’s 3rd birthday 🙂

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