in a nutshell

Lazy blogger, active-at-home-mom to an amazing boy with a gentle soul who inspires me to do better and be better, doula & kahuna Lomilomi massage practitioner …. Advocate of Attachment Parenting, Conscious Pregnancy, birth and parenting. Lover of free thinking… Striving to learn more, do more, and do less! Follow the child! I am a mother, lover, sister, daughter…. I am the goddess and the goddess is me!

*My views are my own personal feelings on any particular subject matter and are right for me. With your own research, you may come up to your own conclusions which are different to mine. I applaud you for taking the time to research the subject matter and not follow blindly, even if the outcome if different from mine.


2 responses to “in a nutshell

  1. Thanks for the nod on James Talbot’s “The Debate on Spanking is Dead” taht you read on my blog:

    Please check out and email with a mailing address for a free copy of “Plain Talk About Spanking” sent to you
    via first-class mail.


    Michael Goldfield
    Wilton, Connecticut

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