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You’re Loosing Me Aletha

I’ve recently read Tears & Tantrums and now just about done with The Aware Baby…. I disagree with the non-nutritive nursing (as evidence points to its benefits – and thought I would just read on through anyways assuming Solter is not aware with the new evidence or the biological aspects of milk production). I really have enjoyed the books as a whole but battling with a comment here and there. For example: “I do not recommend tickling because it is a form of attack that can cause babies to feel powerless. Some babies seem to enjoy being tickled, but only because it is the only form of touching they have ever experienced, aside from routine care. ” Now I agree that not all babies like to be tickled and tickling can be taken too far but Jett absolutely LOVES it….. He will seek me out saying tickle or will try and tickle me. Jett had a gentle birth, latched within the first hour, was not seperated from me (still hardly ever is at 22 months), he has never been in a cot, was and still is worn, (I can count how many times he has been in a pram and that’s only because he was sleeping when we reached our destination)….. Still receives daily baby massages… Loads of kisses and cuddles. He is a happy, confident, independant soul and he is living testimony to the benefits of attached parenting. I take umbrage to Aletha’s comments. Oh…. And throwing babies into the air means you are acting out your desires to control and dominate them…… Mmmm….. Kinda feels like she’s loosing me here :-/


Jett’s graduation from Clamber Club Froggie Course to Leap Frog


Two months later & I’m STILL a lazy blogger! (a recap of love & passion)

It’s been two months since my last post and I just cannot believe how fast time flies. In this time I have had the privilege of witnessing Jett’s first boy crush (which really was the sweetest thing). A pregnant friend came over to our house for a cuppa and when Jett’s gaze met hers, he hardly knew what to do. For a moment it seemed as though time stood still for Jett as his eyes widened and his jaw literally dropped. I think as he noticed this new, uncontrollable feeling inside of him he ran as quickly as his two little feet could take him out of the room, with his eyes slowly peeking out from around the corner. Just as nimble as his first flight, he appeared from behind the couch, this time a little braver with more than just his eyes peering over but the sweetest little smile and rosey, blushing cheeks too. This went on for the entire time my friend was over – really the sweetest thing to witness, enough to make any bad day feel rosey.

In this time I have also had the privilege to be there for my boy in his most vulnerable moment of his first full blown “tantrum” or meltdown and I am proud to say that although very hard for me, I was present with him the entire time and what I had read in many places before this happened proved to be entirely accurate – Jett felt heard, relieved, calm and happy – without a harsh word spoken from me, without dimenshing his very real frustrations. I was able to be really present for my boy and although a “tantrum” is a very rare occurance, when they do happen, it is easier and easier for me to stay grounded. For a link to a really great article that explains the method behind my madness check this out Cry for Connection: A Fresh Approach to tantrums and the whole of Aha!


Holy Cow Jett’s One (Well Almost)

A few months ago I was online and I came across an incredibly cute T-shirt on CafePress that read “Holy Cow I’m 1″… There was no stopping me from there…. In that moment I had made my mind up on Jett having a first birthday party themed around cows and the farmyard!

My first port of call was ordering the shirt which I did immediately. My next was to find a venue. I wanted a venue that was great for the adults but at the same time completely catered to children. I also wanted the venue to have farm animals as I knew without a doubt Jett (and his buddies) would really appreciate seeing and feeding the animals… Well… Did I find an awesome venue or what… Tres Jolie offered everything I was looking for, they were both an adult and kiddie venue offering rolling lawns, jungle gyms, sandpits, jumping castles and farm animals and not forgetting pony rides. The staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating and all in all, I really am impressed by the service they provided.

Now, this was where the fun stuff really started for me. Jett’s attire and venue were sorted so now I could move onto the creative stuff. I had the idea of running with the “holy cow” theme so I asked my angel hubby to make an invitation with Jett in a cow suit, next was the invite list. At first I thought I would just invite close friends and family but then I thought that Jett really did have his own friends that he gravitates to with no interference on my part (for a boy who is almost one he sure does have quite a social life between swimming lessons, Clamber Club and Kindermusik) so I decided the invite list would consist of my very close friends and family as well as Jett’s first friends.

As Jett doesn’t eat any junk I didn’t think it right to fill the party packs up with sweets so instead, I decided to make party buckets. Once again I asked my hubby for his expertise and he created the cutest labels for the buckets following on from the invitation. We filled the buckets up with play dough, crayons, blowers, colouring paper and Jett’s personalised pot-o-bubbles.

I turned to The Bread Basket to help me with the cake which we had designed with a huge cow on it and the Cupcake Boutique made the most wonderful cupcakes….

So now we were all setup at the venue and we just had to wait for the party to begin…. Friends and family started to arrive and the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time and the afternoon weather was beautiful. All the children were having a wonderful time feeding and petting the animals. Jett was particularly enthralled with the pony… I don’t think I have ever seen anyone have such a good time riding a pony in my life (and here I thought only the older kids would enjoy the pony rides).

I had been told that first birthdays are really more for the parents than the babies but I beg to differ. Although all the parents seemed to be having a good time… The kids seemed to be having a pretty awesome time too and Jett almost seemed to know it was his special day…. Grinning and giggling from ear to ear. Jett might be a bit young to grasp the notion of birthdays but he was certainly shining bright and we could all feel the love.

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who made my baby boy’s very first party as magical as it was. I could feel the love in the air. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*I will upload a few of the pictures from the birthday party in a separate photo gallery post later today x

Don’t Bite The Breast That Feeds You – A Crazy Woman’s Gentle Approach

Sometime in  January this year Jett discovered the joys of biting, just in time to hone in on his biting skills before the grand debut of his first two teeth (which took him a whole 9.5 months to erupt).

Let me make this clear, when I say biting, I don’t just mean a little nip here and there, I mean he really seemed to enter a trance like frenzy and nothing was spared, no part of me was safe. From my shoulders to my neck from my knees to my poor nipples – all was fair game. Continue reading

500% Safer – That’s Why We Rear Face! (& A Must See Video)

A few months ago my hubby and I were driving around when we started chatting about the fact that we would need to upgrade Jett’s car seat from the infant seat to the toddler seat soon. We both agreed that it made no sense to move from the rear facing position to a forward facing position but knew that we would have no choice. I wasn’t comfortable with this and didn’t realise that we even had a choice (as not one baby shop in South Africa stocks anything but forward facing car seats). Not happy to settle, I decided that I would do some internet research when I got home.

Much to my delight, I found a whole rear facing movement on the net when I got home. With research pointing to the fact that rear facing is 500% safer than forward facing, I knew that forward facing was most certainly NOT an option for my boy! Rear facing wasn’t just marginally safer – it is a no brainer.

My next hurdle was trying to work out which seat would be best for us as we couldn’t go and have a look for ourselves. So I spent the next few weeks trawling reviews and finally decided to settle on the Graco MyRide 65. My next step was bargain hunting for the cheapest way to get it to SA. I found an incredible bargain on a pink seat for my boy (I know, I know!) and  put it off to a pink seat for mommy’s car 😉 and not a pink seat for my boy. Not that we gender typecast anyways.

I found this awesome video entitled “The Importance of Rear-Facing Version 2” on YouTube today which just shows seeing IS believing. Please pass this video on to help create a demand for rear facing car seats in South Africa.



A few of my favourite things – A list I wish I had BEFORE more baby was born

My attempt in this post is purely to summarise a few great products I have stumbled upon that have helped make my life and/or my boy’s life a little more easier, convenient, or just super fun….Some of which took many trials and errors before finding the right fit for us…. Maybe I one day will need to refer back to this list 😉 It will surely save me a tonne of time…

1) Hot water flask at the changing station (no cold bums for babies)

2) Calendula baby massage oil from a great homeopath who prepares birthing kits for moms-to-be

3) Calendula Plus by Natura for nappy rashes. This was my absolute first choice but as this product was so absolutely impossible to get hold of, I had to look for an alternative so I found Badger Bum Balm which I am so in love with – works for better than anything I have tried…

4) Xgel xylitol paste for cleaning babies gums and teeth

5) Momi Baby Bags is a South African company which have amazing baby bags that are actually big enough to pack in just about anything… including many reusable pocket nappies which brings me to another favourite…

6) Bum Genius Diapers (we have version 3.0 which use velcro fasteners and I think I would have preferred the snap button system but still love, love, love them)

7) Woolies have fantastic nursing bras that don’t make you feel like a complete frump

8) Badgers Sunscreen and Sunbara Sunscreen are the only two sunscreens that I have found which are actually free from parabens and carcinogens….

9) Ju-Ju-Be nappy bags

10) Graco MyRide 65 convertible car seat. As South Africa isn’t exactly au fait with rear-facing car seats (even though they are 500% safer than forward-facing car seats), it took me weeks of online research to find what I thought would be the right product – So I only have the one to compare but I am very happy with the product…

11) Rescue Remedy Spray

12) Teething Troubles is a nifty spray bottle for teething that is all natural and work a charm…. Boots also stocks a chamomile homeopathic remedy which is also very handy…

13) w-last offers an awesome natural teething gel and mozzie cream that works nicely on bites

14. The Pegasus Blue Box first Aid kit is a must

15. Glamour mom nursing tops are just fantastic but a local company Peek-a-moo is offers a similar product

16. I just love our Baby Bjorn and our Crystal Baby Wrap which is a fantastic aid for attachment parenting… Jett weighs 10.5kg and I am still happily carrying him around (which I am sure my Chiro Claire either loves *or hate*)

17. The Baby Book by Dr William Sears

18. Gnld laundry detergent (Sharon Plaskitt +27 (083-408-7371)

19. I just love my charm that I wear everyday that boasts Jett’s fingerprint. A moment captured in time Little Fingerprints

I will keep adding to this list until I think I am up to date with my favs, and then I intend to keep it current.

Till then…night-night x