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A few of my favourite things – A list I wish I had BEFORE more baby was born

My attempt in this post is purely to summarise a few great products I have stumbled upon that have helped make my life and/or my boy’s life a little more easier, convenient, or just super fun….Some of which took many trials and errors before finding the right fit for us…. Maybe I one day will need to refer back to this list 😉 It will surely save me a tonne of time…

1) Hot water flask at the changing station (no cold bums for babies)

2) Calendula baby massage oil from a great homeopath who prepares birthing kits for moms-to-be

3) Calendula Plus by Natura for nappy rashes. This was my absolute first choice but as this product was so absolutely impossible to get hold of, I had to look for an alternative so I found Badger Bum Balm which I am so in love with – works for better than anything I have tried…

4) Xgel xylitol paste for cleaning babies gums and teeth

5) Momi Baby Bags is a South African company which have amazing baby bags that are actually big enough to pack in just about anything… including many reusable pocket nappies which brings me to another favourite…

6) Bum Genius Diapers (we have version 3.0 which use velcro fasteners and I think I would have preferred the snap button system but still love, love, love them)

7) Woolies have fantastic nursing bras that don’t make you feel like a complete frump

8) Badgers Sunscreen and Sunbara Sunscreen are the only two sunscreens that I have found which are actually free from parabens and carcinogens….

9) Ju-Ju-Be nappy bags

10) Graco MyRide 65 convertible car seat. As South Africa isn’t exactly au fait with rear-facing car seats (even though they are 500% safer than forward-facing car seats), it took me weeks of online research to find what I thought would be the right product – So I only have the one to compare but I am very happy with the product…

11) Rescue Remedy Spray

12) Teething Troubles www.theresaremedyforthat.com is a nifty spray bottle for teething that is all natural and work a charm…. Boots also stocks a chamomile homeopathic remedy which is also very handy…

13) w-last offers an awesome natural teething gel and mozzie cream that works nicely on bites

14. The Pegasus Blue Box first Aid kit is a must

15. Glamour mom nursing tops are just fantastic but a local company Peek-a-moo is offers a similar product

16. I just love our Baby Bjorn and our Crystal Baby Wrap which is a fantastic aid for attachment parenting… Jett weighs 10.5kg and I am still happily carrying him around (which I am sure my Chiro Claire either loves *or hate*)

17. The Baby Book by Dr William Sears

18. Gnld laundry detergent (Sharon Plaskitt +27 (083-408-7371)

19. I just love my charm that I wear everyday that boasts Jett’s fingerprint. A moment captured in time Little Fingerprints

I will keep adding to this list until I think I am up to date with my favs, and then I intend to keep it current.

Till then…night-night x