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Holy Cow Jett’s One (Well Almost)

A few months ago I was online and I came across an incredibly cute T-shirt on CafePress that read “Holy Cow I’m 1″… There was no stopping me from there…. In that moment I had made my mind up on Jett having a first birthday party themed around cows and the farmyard!

My first port of call was ordering the shirt which I did immediately. My next was to find a venue. I wanted a venue that was great for the adults but at the same time completely catered to children. I also wanted the venue to have farm animals as I knew without a doubt Jett (and his buddies) would really appreciate seeing and feeding the animals… Well… Did I find an awesome venue or what… Tres Jolie offered everything I was looking for, they were both an adult and kiddie venue offering rolling lawns, jungle gyms, sandpits, jumping castles and farm animals and not forgetting pony rides. The staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating and all in all, I really am impressed by the service they provided.

Now, this was where the fun stuff really started for me. Jett’s attire and venue were sorted so now I could move onto the creative stuff. I had the idea of running with the “holy cow” theme so I asked my angel hubby to make an invitation with Jett in a cow suit, next was the invite list. At first I thought I would just invite close friends and family but then I thought that Jett really did have his own friends that he gravitates to with no interference on my part (for a boy who is almost one he sure does have quite a social life between swimming lessons, Clamber Club and Kindermusik) so I decided the invite list would consist of my very close friends and family as well as Jett’s first friends.

As Jett doesn’t eat any junk I didn’t think it right to fill the party packs up with sweets so instead, I decided to make party buckets. Once again I asked my hubby for his expertise and he created the cutest labels for the buckets following on from the invitation. We filled the buckets up with play dough, crayons, blowers, colouring paper and Jett’s personalised pot-o-bubbles.

I turned to The Bread Basket to help me with the cake which we had designed with a huge cow on it and the Cupcake Boutique made the most wonderful cupcakes….

So now we were all setup at the venue and we just had to wait for the party to begin…. Friends and family started to arrive and the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time and the afternoon weather was beautiful. All the children were having a wonderful time feeding and petting the animals. Jett was particularly enthralled with the pony… I don’t think I have ever seen anyone have such a good time riding a pony in my life (and here I thought only the older kids would enjoy the pony rides).

I had been told that first birthdays are really more for the parents than the babies but I beg to differ. Although all the parents seemed to be having a good time… The kids seemed to be having a pretty awesome time too and Jett almost seemed to know it was his special day…. Grinning and giggling from ear to ear. Jett might be a bit young to grasp the notion of birthdays but he was certainly shining bright and we could all feel the love.

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who made my baby boy’s very first party as magical as it was. I could feel the love in the air. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*I will upload a few of the pictures from the birthday party in a separate photo gallery post later today x


Don’t Bite The Breast That Feeds You – A Crazy Woman’s Gentle Approach

Sometime inĀ  January this year Jett discovered the joys of biting, just in time to hone in on his biting skills before the grand debut of his first two teeth (which took him a whole 9.5 months to erupt).

Let me make this clear, when I say biting, I don’t just mean a little nip here and there, I mean he really seemed to enter a trance like frenzy and nothing was spared, no part of me was safe. From my shoulders to my neck from my knees to my poor nipples – all was fair game. Continue reading

I Know I Know Nothing & Why I Chose Not To Chop

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt about being a mom so far is knowing that I know nothing. Any preconceived ideas on what I thought to be the “norm” have long been confined to the past. Most importantly, I have learnt to trust my gut and let my intuition lead the way to discovering new (or old) ways of looking at things, examining all the evidence before me, to be a critical thinker and to be my sons advocate. Continue reading

Nurtured Babies – Conscious Conception

Need I say more?

Nurtured Babies.

My very first blog post ever! Am I up for the challenge?

Wow… The pressure of my very first post! Where do I start? It may sound a little corny, but my 9 month old baby boy, the light of my life has inspired me to get this thing going…. From an amazing pregnancy to an empowering gentle water birth… My son has inspired me to think outside the box, to question the “norm” and to be proactive in co-creating our existence… The wealth of information that is available can be a little overwhelming so I have decided to start this blog in an attempt to streamline “little gems” I come across…. Before Jett, i had never read a blog in my life, but lately, I can’t seem to read enough…. So really… Still very new to this experience but I am sure it will be a fun ride…. Still trying to find my feet as I’m quite technically challenged…

It appears as though my first post needs to be cut short…. Time for a dream nurse…

Night-night x